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the world interest rates table

Table reflects the current interest rates of the main countries around the world, set by their respective Central Banks. Rates typically reflect the health of in Gradual economies, in a perfect scenario, interest rates stay stable. Central Banks tend to rise rates when inflation begins to go up significantly.As a consequence, when interest rates go up, normally stock-market comes down and the currency of the countries goes up and if interest rates go down it'll be the reverse scenario.

Central BanksInterest Rate ChangeCurrent Interest Rate Last Change
FEDERAL RESERVE0.25%5.50%Jul 27, 2023
EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK0.25%4.50%Sep 15, 2023
RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA0.25%4.35%Nov 08, 2023
RESERVE BANK OF NEW ZEALAND0.25%5.50%May 24, 2023
BANK OF ENGLAND0.25%5.25%Aug 03, 2023
BANK OF JAPAN0.10%0.0%Mar 27, 2024
BANK OF CANADA0.25%5.00%Jul 14, 2023
SWISS NATIONAL BANK0.25%1.50%Mar 27, 2024
BANK OF KOREA0.00%3.50%Mar 17, 2023
PEOPLE'S BANK OF CHINA0.00%3.45%Oct 30, 2023
SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK0.50%8.25%Jun 06, 2023

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