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A trendline is a line drawn through a chart to show the trend. In the context of trading, trendlines are drawn on price charts to show the trend in the price. Traders use this information to determine whether to buy or sell in the direction of the trend. Trendlines can be used for a stock price, forex,etc. . 

Trend lines are one of the best-known price action indicators used in technical chart. These lines provide traders with a deep understanding of the market direction. The way you draw a trendline is by starting on the left-hand side of the chart and drawing the line towards the right. The rule of thumb is that a trend line must be drawn through at least three ‘swings’ in the price if possible.

To draw an uptrend line, you start with a swing low on the left-hand side of the chart and connect it to a higher swing low.

To draw a downtrend line, you begin with a swing high on the left-hand side of the chart and connect it to a lower swing high.


The idea of using a trend line is to determine the direction of the price trend.   The slope of the line and its time frame are the two most significant factors that result in variations observed. Traders can then to decide about the trend with the idea that the trend will continue or against the trend because they think the trend will reverse. With both strategies, the interpretation of the trendline is the same. A descending trendline is a sign of resistance and the chances of an upward movement in the short term may be low as the supply of this security is in excess. An uptrend indicates that the demand for a particular security is greater than its supply, it means that an uptrend supports the price, and this movement can continue facing an uptrend, and the trader feels comfortable investing more safely.

The price can bounce off the trendline or cross it. In the latter situation, the trendline now indicates that the current price trend is reversing. Trendline breakout can be used as a form of countertrend line trading. We mainly use it as a strong indication that a new short-term trend may be taking place if price trend is reversing

In Elliott waves, we use it primarily as a strong indication that a new short-term trend may be taking place if the price trend is reversing.


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