July 07, 2024 11:24 AM

H4/D/W/M Market Update: USDX, INDICES, YEN Pairs and CRYPTOS

H4/D/W/M Market Update: USDX, INDICES, YEN Pairs and CRYPTOS

H4/Daily/Weekly/Monthly -  Market Update in July 8/12, 2024


Medium/Short Term(H4) Right Side:

  • USDX- H4 Sideways to bearish

  • INDICES - H4 Sideways Bullish

  • YEN Pairs- H4  Bullish 

  • CRYPTOS- H4  sideways to Higher


Daily/Weekly/Monthly Right Side:


  • Daily -     Bullish

  • Weekly- Bullish

  • Monthly- Bullish


  • Daily-     Bearish

  • Weekly- Bullish

  • Monthly- Bearish

YEN Pairs

  • Daily-     Higher  Bullish

  • Weekly- Higher Bullish

  • Monthly- Bullish

Trading Opportunity:

  • Long-Term- in Daily

  • Buying- Indices (in the correction)

  • Buying- Yen pairs (in the correction)

  • Buying- XAU and XAG (in the correction)

  • Buying- Teck (in the correction)

  • Sell- USDX

What We Shouldn't Do in the Market Until More Data:

  • Do not Sell Indices

  • Do not Sell Yen Pairs

  • Do not Selling Precious Metals

  • Do not Buy USDX


The best trade is when we have two or more alignments in a row. And the instrument has a bullish structure:

Exp: Instrument In ( W,D,H4)

  • W- right side down

  • D- right side up

  • H4- right side up

  • We can buy in H4 / in (3,7,11) swings when the correction is complete

Never risk more than 2% capital per trade and use Position Size Calculator to manage your capital properly.