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Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) 50/100/200

Exponential Moving Averages: 50,100 and  200-day EMAs


The 50-Day Moving Average Indicator is among the most important indicators, whenever the 50-Day Moving Average indication crosses the 100 and 200-Day Moving Average indicators, it may signify the beginning of a new long-term trend.  The reason is that 50 is a factor of both 100 and 200, which have corresponding moving averages that are rather precise indicators of significant long-term trends

Moving averages are a lagging indicator, meaning the price will move first and then the moving average will move afterward, giving a trading signal. Traders can use a moving average crossover as an entry signal or exit signal or use the price being above or below the moving average as a reason to be in or out of the position. The stop-loss in a trade executed using this approach is set immediately below the most recent swing down in positional trading.

EMA 50/100/200


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